Bordercolliekennel Falibano


We are David and Connie Aperloo and together with our family we live in the lovely region Betuwe in the village Haaften nearby the river the Waal. Together we run our own family business. Besides our work we share our passion: our bordercollies.

Over 20 years ago we had our first bordercollie Berie. He joined David as he was a sheepshearer at the time and Berie helped him out. Some time later our second bordercollie Noeska recruited the team and was a great help too.
One thing let to another and today, so many years later on, we own a small bordercollie kennel. We now have 6 wonderful bordercollies with whom we spend our leisure time with. The name of our kennel originates from the names of our dogs: Faith, Limi, Bas and Noeska.
Approximately once a year we have a litter of puppies which we breed according to the rules of the Dutch Kennel Club. Breeding our puppies we find it important to attend to the following points. We nurse our puppies in a domestic environment and we select their new owners with care.
Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about us, our dogs or our puppies. We will be happy to reply.