Bordercolliekennel Falibano

Week 0

Date of birth 26th of June 2015

Yes! The puppies are born. May we introduce to you in order of appearance:

  • Chief blue-white 342 gr. male
  • Cailey black-white 300 gr. female
  • Camilla blue-white 320 gr. female
  • Cadan black-white 360 gr. male
  • Cecelyn black-white 280 gr. female
  • Ceaser black-white 285 gr. male
  • Conal black-white 345 gr. male

Week 1

It goes very well despite the heat, glad it has cooled down a bit.

  • Chief blue-white 665 gr. male
  • Cailey black-white 625 gr. female
  • Camilla blue-white 675 gr. female
  • adan black-white 555 gr. male
  • Cecelyn black-white 550 gr. female
  • Ceaser black-white 560 gr. male
  • Conal black-white 620 gr. male

Week 2

We're so happy with our new clutch, but we've missed an important detail!! Chaline turns out to be a Ceaser, so we don't have 3 but 4 male puppies and 3 little females. Luckily as they have become bigger it's easier to observe. 

  • Chief blue-white 925 gr. male
  • Cailey black-white 870 gr. female
  • Camilla blue-white 1015 gr. female
  • adan black-white 860 gr. male
  • Cecelyn black-white 805 gr. female
  • Ceaser black-white 720 gr. male (before Chaline)
  • Conal black-white 825 gr. male

Week 3

The puppies are becoming real dogs now and they are playing and romping around in the puppypen in the kitchen. They get to eat some real food already, which is o so yummy and then sleep a couple of hours with nicely filled bellies. How cozy it is to have them in our middle! Camilla already has a new owner and the others we will find a nice home too.

  • Chief blue-white 1260 gr. male
  • Cailey black-white 1145 gr. female
  • Camilla blue-white 1330 gr. female
  • Cadan black-white 1140 gr. male
  • Cecelyn black-white 1065 gr. female
  • Ceaser black-white 955 gr. male
  • Conal black-white 1080 gr. male

Week 4

And we've passed another week, the puppies have been dewormed again and enjoy the extra food they are getting. They grow well and Chief has found a warm place already too. The others: Cailey, Cadan, Cecelyn, Ceaser and Conal are still looking for a new owner from  August 29 of.

  • Chief blue-white 1900 gr. male
  • Cailey black-white 1720 gr. female
  • Camilla blue-white 2000 gr. female
  • Cadan black-white 1655 gr. male
  • Cecelyn black-white 1575 gr. female
  • Ceaser black-white 1485 gr. male
  • Conal black-white 1695 gr. male

Week 5

The puppies turned 5 weeks already. Luckily the weather turned as well and they can play outside. They are dewormed and have grown quite a bit again. Here are some pictures to show how they are doing. Cailey, Cadan, Cecelyn, Ceaser and Conal are still looking for a nice home. We are seeking for dedicated owners!!

  • Chief blue-white 2625 gr. male
  • Cailey black-white 2310 gr. female
  • Camilla blue-white 2660 gr. female
  • Cadan black-white 2020 gr. male
  • Cecelyn black-white 1995 gr. female
  • Ceaser black-white 2230 gr. male
  • Conal black-white 2220 gr. male

Week 6

Not only they've been to the vetaniry, but also they have been on the scale again and how big they have become. Below some pictures of week 6. Cailey, Cadan, Cecelyn, Ceaser and Conal are still looking for a home.

  • Chief blue-white 3320 gr. male
  • Cailey black-white 2835 gr. female
  • Camilla blue-white 3290 gr. female
  • Cadan black-white 2940 gr. male
  • Cecelyn black-white 2300 gr. female
  • Ceaser black-white 2315 gr. male
  • Conal black-white 2800 gr. male

Week 7

Week 8